About Me

 A 30 something Mum to 2 beautiful boys born in April 2010 and December 2013.  I suffered from Post-Natal Depression following the birth of my eldest and was nervous about relapsing for a while after number two.  Whilst it is still at the back of my mind that it could still happen, I am looking to the future with optimism.

This blog started as a journal to chart my headspace during the early days after my second son was born and to tell my PND story.  Over time is has evolved into a more general site with an aim of raising awareness of post-natal illness.

I’m the founder of #pndletters where I write a series of letters to various key people in my PND journey and invite others to do the same.  By sharing we can raise awareness, understanding and reduce stigma.

All views are my own based on lived experience except where cited. PR Friendly

For more information regarding this blog please get in touch – Contact Me


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I understand the guilt of being glad to be back at work & wishing I’d enjoyed my maternity leave more. Seems like the more I recover from the PND the more guilt I have! It’s hard not to let it consume you but we’ll keep fighting!

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